Fruits de Talent Competition – words with Mélanie Hours

Have a quick glance at the advice from the past "Fruits de Talent" editions' grand champions.

2022 edition – Throwback on Mélanie Hours’ competition

Mélanie Hours – Winner of “Fruits de Talent” 2022

The countdown begins! The highly anticipated moment is drawing near as the finalists prepare to make their mark and shine in the grand finale Andros “Fruits de Talent” competition.

Hear the advice of the 2022 Fruit de talent competition’s big winner : Mélanie Hours

What do you remember most from the 2022 competition?

“The competition allowed me to grow and gain confidence in myself. The competition day was very stressful for me, but the chefs on the jury were reassuring, and I quickly started to enjoy baking!”

What advice would you give to the finalists of 2023?

“Have fun, that’s the most important thing! Participating in the competition is already a victory. You will meet renowned chefs, so enjoy every moment and have a blast!”

What does being part of the 2023 jury mean to you?

“It’s an honor for me to be part of the jury, especially when I see the other members. I feel like a little pony next to racehorses. But I’m thrilled to discover and taste the candidates’ creations. It’s amazing how a single theme can lead to so many different proposals!”

2021 Edition – Words with Solveig Hoyaux

Hear the advice of the 2021 Fruit de talent competition’s big winner! Winner of Best Plated Dessert and Honourable Mention Solveig Hoyaux astounded the jury with her interpretation of the Peach Melba.

Her recollection of the competition: “It was an exceptional day, I enjoyed myself the whole time and I met incredible people. I gave my all to be able to do my best and to have no regrets.”

Her advice: “Use this day to surpass yourself and give your best. And of course, enjoy!”

Her projects: “I realized my dream of becoming an MAF pastry chef which I will complete with another pastry qualification, the BTM.”

Good luck to all the candidates of the 2023 Fruits de talent competition!

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